Role and Responsibilities

Ambassadors play a critical role in helping NEW advance women and diversity in our industry by building awareness of NEW with all employees. You are our NEW liaison to your company! As a representative of NEW at your organization, you are responsible for developing the plan to engage your members and for establishing metrics to measure success. But you are not alone in this! You will work with NEW staff to develop your customized engagement plan to deliver your company’s strategic objectives.

What you'll do:

  • Promote NEW to your colleagues and align activities with corporate goals
  • Create a plan to engage NEW members at your organization, including but not limited to:
  • Identify employees to be awarded a NEW Corporate Membership
  • Manage member rosters for your organization in terms of updating memberships, recruiting, and retention
  • Talent development programs/initiatives
  • Assist in planning events
  • Communicating information about and successes because of NEW to the rest of your organization
  • Network with other leaders within NEW
  • Recommend members for regional and national committee volunteer & leadership roles
  • Speak on behalf of NEW at your company meetings or externally at other companies and events
  • Promote funding of NEW both within your organization and to other organizations
  • Attend quarterly Ambassador conference calls with NEW staff in order to stay abreast of opportunities, activities, and best practices
  • Attend an annual Joint-Business meeting with key NEW stakeholders across your companies departments, such as: DEI, Learning & Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, or a Foundation.


What’s in it for you?

Clearly, the role of Ambassador is critically important to NEW. Your role brings value to our organization, broadens the reach of our programs, and ensures their success. So, what value does this role bring to you and your career? Here are the benefits of being a NEW Ambassador:

  • Leadership development opportunities to build skills and personal brand
  • Networking with other corporate Ambassadors to share best practices and bring new ideas back to their company, building business, and reputation externally
  • Exposure for leaders to position themselves as change agents within their company
  • Opportunities to interact with your senior management to share the scorecard and impact of NEW resources on their membership and corporate brand
  • Demonstrate your desire to step into leadership positions in your organization
  • Opportunity to build your network of colleagues within your organization, make an impact and create meaningful relationships