The 5-Step Activation Process

Your NEW Partnership Director is your account manager and go-to person to assist you with activation.  We are here to help you and want to ensure success!

Many Ambassadors engage a small internal team to develop the plan and to build more cross-functional relationships internally. NEW Activation Teams typically include representatives from Human Resources and/or Diversity and Inclusion, Sales and Marketing and/or Merchandising, PR, Corporate Communications and leaders from Women’s Resource Groups. By dividing the work across multiple people and functions, more associates within the company can become engaged with NEW and leverage resources. Many hands make light work for all. 

We recommend scheduling a meeting with your Activation Team to develop the engagement plan. Together, you will identify the players, secure a senior level champion and determine how frequently you will meet. You will review progress on this plan with your NEW Partnership Director.

Here are the Plan Components that you will discuss with your internal team:

Step 1: Internal Stakeholders

  • Engage Senior Leaders as NEW champions
  • Establish a cross-functional Activation Team to encourage internal networking
  • Align with internal Women’s Business Resource Group or BRGs

Step 2: Membership

  • Set Corporate member criteria
  • Communicate member roles & expectations
  • Integrate into HR process
  • Set success metrics

Step 3: Introduction of NEW

  • Design and plan a meeting to kick-off your company’s engagement with NEW
  • Your NEW Partnership Director can provide a member orientation via Zoom or attend in person

Step 4: Engagement

  • Review the engagement plan’s progress and revise on a quarterly or bi-annual basis as needed.
  • Compare established goals with actual participation numbers.

Step 5: Evaluation

  • Execute and monitor progress
  • NEW will provide an annual scorecard that shows you which of your members are most engaged and attending the events and webinars