Overview of NEW

As a representative of NEW, we want you to have a robust understanding of who we are and what we do. The Network of Executive Women (NEW) is a non-profit organization that focuses on the advancement of all women in the workplace. Comprised of a network of individuals and corporate members, NEW drives engagement and advocacy by hosting a variety of regional events, career-accelerating leadership programs, conferences and providing access to professional development resources. NEW is supported by individual members as well as corporate partners in retail, consumer goods, financial services and technology. NEW’s Mission is ‘To advance all women, grow business and transform our workplaces through the power of our community.’

NEW develops, empowers, and supports retention of women leaders by offering training, an expanding network, and access to leadership opportunities. With facilitated leadership programs and inspiring forums happening nationally and regionally, NEW brings members together from every corner of the country. The organization provides insights and solutions to support business transformation and advocates for gender equality. NEW develops actionable insights and business solutions to drive change from the top down and bottom up.

To accomplish our mission, we use Learning & Professional Development, Industry Insights, Engagement of the Company’s C-Suite, Activating our Regions, and Advocacy for All Women.