Corporate Member Selection

It’s important as an Ambassador of NEW to set the tone of NEW Membership, which includes deciding how members will be chosen and the expectations they will be held to. Here are some of our suggestions on how to identify and choose members:

  • Work with HR to select rising stars/high potential talent and then send a letter to their boss to tell them that person is selected for NEW membership
  • Ask high-level executives in your company to nominate their direct reports for NEW memberships
  • Create an application for employees to use to express their interest in membership
  • Establish a set of criteria that employees must meet before they can become members
  • Consider which associates you want to focus on and what their development needs are.  For example, many companies with focus on associates based in the field to provide additional support since they are not based at a corporate office

As a whole, NEW considered Diversity and Inclusion to be of highest importance. As an organization, NEW has our national 10/20/30 Goal:

  • 10% increase in Members that identify as male
  • 20% increase in Members from Millennial/Gen Z generations
  • 30% increase in Members that identify as women of color

This goal is something we want our Ambassadors to be aware of and consider while selecting Members and attendees for our national events. We have attached some sample Membership Criteria you can implement.

We also suggest that you make awarding a NEW membership special – tell them that the company has chosen them and is investing in them.  Be their cheerleader! Get them excited about this opportunity.