Introducing NEW


              As everyone in business (and life) knows, first impressions matter. We encourage you to bring the energy and enthusiasm about NEW to your company, right from the beginning. As you begin your plan, it is important to answer the question of which associates you want to focus on and what their development needs are.  For example, many companies with focus on associates based in the field to provide additional support since they are not based at a corporate office. Here are a few tips on how to introduce NEW to your organization:  

  • Send out an email or other internal communication that you are the NEW Ambassador and either ask for or feature your Corporate Members
  • Hold a NEW kick-off meeting or launch event
    • Invite senior leaders to attend
    • Include a panel discussion featuring your senior women
    • Introduce your NEW members to the senior leaders
  • Create a directory of your NEW members and share with all of them so they know who else has a membership – name, title, department, passions, etc.
  • Encourage informal meet-ups, mentoring circles, and lunch & learns